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March 6, 2014

The Receiver and his staff continue to locate and recover assets that will ultimately be used in a Court-approved distribution. We continue our financial investigations of all financial accounts and internal records associated with the Ponzi scheme. As stated before, this process can be very lengthy, but is extremely critical in the process as it can be our best opportunity to discover additional assets and funds, which will benefit Court-approved victims. 

The Receiver continues to pursue those individuals who have profited from the scheme and plans to initiate law suits in the next couple of months against those persons with whom we have not been able to reach a resolution.

In the future, the Receiver hopes to begin the process of obtaining Court approval for a distribution process. Once the US District Court orders our office to collect Proof of Claim forms from those financial victims who wish to participate in a future distribution, it will be posted on this website as well as mailed to all known victims.