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July 15, 2014

Proof of Claim Form Approved

 On July 2, 2014, by Order of The Honorable Michelle J. Childs, United States District Court Judge, District of South Carolina, the Proof of Claim form ("POC") was approved for use and distribution by the Receiver. The POC is the form used by the Recevier to collect all of the necessary information and supporting documents from the financial victims of the Ponzi scheme. This information must be gathered in order to calculate a partial return of the loss to those victims who qualify. Once the POCs are gathered and analyzed, a proposed distribution plan and schedule of distribution amounts will be filed with the Court for approval, and a hearing will be held to approve the amounts to be disbursed. The POC is posted below and has also been mailed to all known depositors and investors. Once completed, please make sure you keep a copy for your file and mail the original to our office. ALL POCs MUST BE RETURNED VIA U.S. MAIL TO THE RECEIVER'S OFFICE ON OR BEFORE A POSTMARKED DATE OF OCTOBER 15, 2014. DO NOT OVERNIGHT THE POC AND ATTACHMENTS.


Click here for link to Proof of Claim form