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July 6, 2015

The Receiver and his staff have completed the analysis and verification process of all Proof of Claim forms that have been submitted. In the coming months, the Receiver will file a Motion and recommend to the United States District Court consideration and approval of an appropriate distribution plan and process. Once this Motion is made, all those that filed a Proof of Claim form will be advised of the process, calculation and recommended distribution amount. A hearing to approve the Motion for Distribution will be held. Once the United States District Court considers any objections, and if the plan for distribution is approved, payments will commence. The timetable for this activity is uncertain, but the Receiver and his staff are continuing to work diligently to reach this endpoint. 

To date, the Receiver has filed 18 lawsuits with individuals who profited from the Ronnie Gene Wilson/Atlantic Bullion & Coin, Inc. Ponzi scheme. More lawsuits will be filed over the next several months. If you profited from the Ron Wilson Ponzi scheme, please contact the Receiver's office before a lawsuit is commenced against you if you would like to discuss a potential settlement.