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July 18, 2013

The Receiver and his staff continue to locate and recover assets that will ultimately be used in a Court-approved distribution. To this end, the lengthy process of conducting financial investigations of all financial accounts and internal records associated with the Ponzi scheme continues. These investigations, which are tedious and painstaking at times, are our best opportunity to discover and seize additional assets and funds for the benefit of the Court-approved victims. 

In addition, the Receiver is pursuing those individuals who are known as net winners. A net winner is one who gained more money than lost. This is commonly referred to as "claw back" litigation. To date, the Receiver has contacted and resolved potential claims against a number of people. The Receiver will file suit against net winners that do not reach a settlement. The Receiver has or will in the future pursue all persons who received a meaningful profit as a result of an investment with Ron Wilson in the Ponzi scheme. 

Anyone who has information about the location of assets or funds of Ron Wilson or AB&C is urged to contact the Receiver immediately. 

At this time, the Receiver is unable to estimate when a distribution will be made or how much money will be returned to investors. Once an adequate amount of assets and money has been recovered, the Receiver will begin the process of obtaining Court approval for a distribution process. Each step of the distribution process must be approved by the Court, including a Proof of Claim form and a Plan for Claims Administration and Distribution of Proceeds. Please continue to monitor this website for updates. Once approved, a Proof of Claim form will be mailed to all known victims and posted on this website. Thank you for your patience as we work diligently to recover as much as possible for those affected by the fraud perpetrated by Ron Wilson and AB&C.