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Proof of Claim FAQ'S

When can I expect my money to be returned to me? 

After the deadline of October 15, 2014, and after all POCs have been reviewed and processed, the Receiver will ask the United States District Court via an appropriate filing to approve the Receiver's recommended plan for claims administration and distribution. All claimants will be notified when that motion is filed and will have an opportunity to object. Once the plan is approved, a list of claimants and the Receiver's recommendation with regard to approval or disapproval will be published. Any objection to your POC disposition will be made at this time. Once the Court approves the list of claimants, an amended list with initial distribution amounts will be filed for approval with the Court. The process of reviewing all POC's can be lengthy. 


Do we need to file a separate POC if my husband and I have a joint account in addition to individual accounts?

Yes. A separate POC must be submitted for each account holder whose name is on the AB&C statement. 

What if I made a deposit for someone else? Who should file/sign the POC?

Whomever's name is on the AB&C statement should be the person that submits/signs the POC.

Can I send my POC FedEx, UPS or hand deliver? 

No. You must send it through the United States Postal Service You may send it certified or priority, so that you are aware of when it reaches our office. A hand delivered POC will NOT be accepted.

What if I do not have a copy of the check?

Please send in all copies of documents you have pertaining to your investments with AB&C along with your completed and executed Proof of Claim form. You should be able to obtain copies of the monetary instruments used for purposes of your investmet from your bank or other financial institution. 

What if I do not have my statement?

Please send in copies of all documents you have pertaining to your deposits you made along with your completed and executed Proof of Claim form. The fact that you don't have copies of all statemets should not cause your form to be incomplete. The Receiver's staff will do our best to work with you.

What if a depositor is now deceased? 

The person who has Power of Attorney or the personal representative of the estate may submit the POC on behalf of the Estate as long as a copy of proper legal documentation for the Power of Attorney and death certificate is included. 

How will I be notified that my POC has been received and everything is ok?

Once your POC has been reviewed and verified you will receive a letter informing you that it has been reviewed and everything is correct. If discrepancies are found you will be notified by letter from the Receiver's office as to how the discrepancy can be remedied. 

What if I deposited cash? 

You will have to provide supporting documentation that cash was tendered as a deposit. In addition, the United States District Court may require additional levels of proof and disclosure for cash depositors. 

What if I've already sent all of my information/documentation to the United States Secret Service? 

In order to be considered for any distribution made by the Receiver's office you will need to timely submit the Proof of Claim form along with copies of any documentation you have. The Receiver is separate from the USSS and does not have access to any information you have sent them in the past. 

Will it be made public if I file a Proof of Claim form?

Yes, there will be a public filing at the time a distribution is made, which includes all claimant's names and distribution amounts. 

What is the alternate contact information used for?

The alternate contact information you provide will only be used if we are unable to reach you via all other contact information provided on your Proof of Claim form. However, we will not discuss any information regarding your claim with this individual, only for purposes of helping our office get in touch with you.