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Proof of Claim Form

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Most Common Discrepancies Made - 

1.)  All pages must be submitted. "N/A" will be a sufficient answer for anything that does not apply to you on a particular section.

2.)  You can NOT submit a POC on behalf of someone else unless you have proper legal authority to do so (e.g. Power of Attorney; Order of Court of competent jurisdiction). This is applicable even if you were the remitter on the check that was sent to AB&C. The POC must be submitted by the individual(s) whose name is on the account. 

3.)  Page 4 must be executed fully. A certified notary must print, sign, and seal where indicated. 

4.)  Copies of all monetary instruments used for purposes of investments should be included with your POC. Make sure to include a copy of the back of the check to show that it has been negotiated. (You can obtain this side from the financial institution or place where you purchased the cashier's check/money order.)

5.)  You must mail your original POC. Copies are not accepted, because we need the original signature page properly notarized. However, we do recommend that you make a copy for your own files. DO NOT HAND DELIVER YOUR POC! IT MUST BE MAILED.